Award winning composer for television and theatre

It's So Easy (Live)

Live in Sarnia Ontario
Project 01

It's So Easy (Live)

Bootleg video of a concert I gave back in 2012. Compare this to the official music video below!


How it's made
Project 02

Fistula (How it's made)

One of my classic tunes for "How It's Made". This song found its way into a variety of subjects... listen for it in reruns!

It's So Easy

Official Music Video
Project 03

It's So Easy (Official Music Video)

A quirky alt-pop song about living life to its fullest - or not.


The Discovery Channel
Project 04

Agamemnon (The Discovery Channel)

Agamemnon, the King of Men from Homer's Iliad. A life of greatness, extinguished too early; adventure with no resolution. This is another tune you might hear on Discovery Channel.

Most People

New track (fresh for 2014)
Project 05

Most People

This is a brand new song for 2014.

Cream Cheese Champ

Project 06

Cream Cheese Champ (SoundCloud)

A trip-hoppy instrumental that shifts gears into a state of chill.

Windtunnel: Extended Version

Project 06

Windtunnel: Extended Version (SoundCloud)

Prepare to be blown away by the slow evolution of a very simple idea.


Project 08

Daedalus (SoundCloud)

In the classical vein with a build up to some intense drama!

Somewhere Somebody

Project 09

Somewhere Somebody (SoundCloud)

A new song with some personal introspective overtones.

The Raven

Project 10

The Raven (YouTube)

This is a song that I adapted for a stage production of the same name.

Award winning composer for television and theatre

Knive Eight has written music for hit tv shows that air all over the world. From the theme music for “Deconstructed” to 91 episodes of “How it’s Made”, Knive Eight’s work is heard by millions all over the world every week.

Classical music training, a strong background in audio engineering and a proven track record of quality music production make Knive Eight the right fit for any composition role.

Through the course of his Audio career, he has taken on a wide variety of roles such as Principal Audio Engineer at Maj Media, Head of Audio for Centaur Theatre, Music Editor at Dazmo music as well as Recording Engineer for Analekta Records and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

In September 2010 Knive Eight released his debut solo album, “inconvalescent”, available on itunes.

Music for image

Knive Eight has written over 600 minutes of music for tv and video. Examples of his work can be heard on television all over the world on a daily basis. This website contains but a small sample of what I consider to be the best of that work. Among these examples, you will hear a wide range of compositional styles and techniques spanning rock, jazz, and funk as well as classical genres and orchestrations ranging from renaissance to modern.

His background as a trained musician coupled with his experience as an audio engineer give me a high degree of skill through every phase of production from conception and creation to the final engineering and mastering stages. This allows me to produce music of the highest quality, not only on an artistic level but technically as well.

Music for theatre

Music for theatre requires both a versatility of style and sensitivity to the demands of the medium. It must be evocative and powerful yet subtle enough to serve the overall purpose of the play without upstaging other aspects of the performance. However, the music must also be able to take full command when needed in order to maintain the mood and atmosphere for the audience while other business (such as scene changes) are taking place.

In this list of pieces you will hear excerpts from a wide range of projects. Some pieces are modern in conception, others call on more historical styles of composition. Some are meant to serve as punctuation and underscore while others were written to set a tone or theme. Some evoke sorrow and destitution while others suggest joy or triumph.


Released in September 2010, inconvalescent, a new album written and produced by Knive Eight.

MAJ Productions: Principal Audio Engineer

Responsible for surveying all audio projects. Primary duties include recording, editing and assembling narration in French and English with music to produce final mix for TV series “How It’s Made”.

National Youth Orchestra of Canada: Recording Engineer

Responsible for recording, editing and mastering of the annual 2-Disc release by this nearly 100 piece orchestra. Various conductors. Whole Note Review

Banff Centre For the Arts: Audio Engineer

Engineered a wide variety of recordings, mainly classical, from solo artists to orchestra. Worked on both live and studio projects in stereo and surround.